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Why we're launching the Guernsey Partnership today

The election on October 7 heralds the biggest change to our democratic process in decades and comes at the point of the most severe global public health crisis in over a 100 years; and the most serious economic shock in generations.

Published: 18 August 2020 by Gavin St. Pier

New times need new ideas, and that applies to government.

People have long been frustrated by lack of progress on vital issues. But the recent experience has shown we can be much more effective when government is decisive and Deputies work together.

That’s why Gavin St. Pier, Heidi Soulsby, Lyndon Trott and many others from government, business and the community have come together to form the Guernsey Partnership of Independents. We will put forward for election a broad range of talented candidates to work together for the good of all Guernsey people.

We are absolutely committed to:

  • Decisive, effective and efficient government
  • Leading the island to rapid recovery by investment in Revive and Thrive plans
  • The well-being of our people and our environment

Beginning today we are going to share our vision for the future of the island and how we will deliver decisive, effective government. At the heart of this campaign is the recognition that, if we are to Revive and Thrive, we need to move forward together.

The next 4 years will be challenging; but they will also be a period of tremendous opportunity. We must not squander that opportunity which is what makes the forthcoming election the most important in decades.  We must recover from Covid-19 and build long term prosperity. Our committed goal is to recover most of our economic activity in 2021 and generate economic growth higher than our targets set before the crisis.  At the same time we need to deal with a myriad of major issues such as climate change and the impact of the UK leaving the EU – whilst also facing the reality that the Covid pandemic is far from finished yet.

We plan an unparalleled level of investment that will stimulate recovery and secure our future. We are optimistic about our prospects but realistic about the headwinds. We cannot fall back on old ways or be paralysed in the face of complex issues. We must not be fearful of taking bold action. We must have better government; one that is decisive and effective. One that moves forward together.

However this is Guernsey. We have a strong tradition of independent representatives, and there is great value in that. So the partnership will be a group of highly talented, strong minded individuals; no whipping, no trading favours. Our approach is more nuanced than a simple UK-style political party, everyone falling into line, kow-towing to the leader through fear or favour. Some have suggested a partnership is too complicated, too clever for the Guernsey electorate.  I disagree. I think Guernsey people are intelligent enough to understand the benefits of a partnership model over the party alternatives on offer. People determined to get things done but not forced to agree and vote the same way.

And I am not alone. Already numerous other individuals are standing with me in this enterprise.