Move forward together.

The importance of the next States

Deputy Jane Stephens talks about the next four, critical years - moving beyond slogans to delivering those policies that are vital for our island's welfare.

Published: 27 August 2020 by Jane Stephens

The next four years are critical to dealing effectively with the Recovery from C19. Our democratic system of government has many strengths but I know it can work better. Politicians can work better together. They can use evidence and listen better. They can move faster to deliver results and value for money. Personal agenda politics is yesterday’s politics. From October 2020 politics has to be ‘Built Back Better’ with Deputies who work well together and reflect the aims of the Guernsey Partnership of Independents.

The ‘Revive and Thrive Recovery Strategy’ must be more than a slogan. To make progress in the areas of health, economy and our community, Deputies must recognise that standing still is the first stage of slipping backwards. Progress in recovery means tough decision making and speedy action.

In 2024 I want us to be able to look back and be pleased that our prospects of employment and housing and a long life have improved, a Guernsey childhood continues to be a happy childhood filled with opportunity and that we are taking great care of each other and our Island.

I cannot say my priority for 2021 would be the economy, health or the community because they are tightly bound together and the success of one depends on the others. But for action to be taken effectively, deputies who value their independence and our democratic and unique system of government must work together, not in parties but in partnership.

I am proudly independent and convinced that working with others is the way forward.

Best wishes