Move forward together.

Our ongoing mission is to encourage the highest standards of island governance.

Our Mission

We are a partnership of independent candidates, committed to making government more decisive, effective and efficient. We have formed the Partnership to assist the electorate in selecting individual candidates who are committed to that purpose.

Our ongoing mission is to encourage the highest standards of island governance: a key part of that is helping the electorate identify constructive candidates who, if elected to the States, will work with all members to improve the efficiency of government and to improve the lives of all people in Guernsey.

Principles and Goals


Guernsey’s autonomy and self-governance is non-negotiable. We will:

  • Defend our independence and historic rights post-Brexit.
  • Seek approval by Royal Sanction of Guernsey Laws here and not by the Privy Council in the UK.
  • Look to develop the Constitutional Investigation Committee’s work on our international identity.
  • Seek a new constitutional settlement.

Create a more resilient, dynamic and sustainable economy supporting the Revive and Thrive ambitions. We will:

  • Aim to deliver sustainable growth of 1% pa above previous levels.
  • Target post-Covid employment levels to be above 2019 levels by end 2021.
  • Make unparalleled investments to grow the island’s economy in the short and long term.
  • Maintain a competitive, sustainable low tax environment that is fair.
  • Borrow comfortably within our means but only to invest in capital infrastructure or projects.
  • Fast-track regeneration projects including the seafront, the Bridge, and the harbours.
  • Improve our transport infrastructure and sea links.
  • Upgrade and improve our digital connectivity.
  • Build a Centre for Energy, Nature, Tourism, Research and the Environment (CENTRE).
  • Maximise value of tourism through showpiece developments like CENTRE, Victor Hugo and the Marine Economy, and assist in improving the quantity and range of accommodation on offer.
  • Ensure the public sector provides the best value for money and operates efficiently.
Health and Social Care

Government has a responsibility for the wellbeing of our entire island community. That requires affordable healthcare, a sustainable model for long term care, and a medical system that is modern and fit for purpose. We will:

  • Ensure no one is denied access to primary care due to affordability.
  • Implement the Partnership of Purpose.
  • Use the Covid response experience to improve health staff recruitment.
  • Commit to fair pay for nurses and allied health professionals.
  • Deliver a Mental Health and Wellbeing Centre, and upskill community support.
  • Reform the Long-Term Care model and make it integrated and more equitable.
  • Modernise our hospital and take health services into community settings.

We must build on our growing reputation as a leading Green Finance jurisdiction and play our part in tackling climate change. We will:

  • Deliver on carbon reduction targets through energy efficiency measures.
  • Transition to clean fuels whilst maintaining affordability.
  • Take account of our natural environment in all States decisions.
  • Improve our environmental footprint, reducing single-use plastic and the use of harmful chemicals.
  • Support the Strategy for Nature.
  • Build on the desire for safer walking and cycling.

We must protect our people, provide opportunity and preserve and enhance our island. We will:

  • Keep Guernsey people safe as Covid-19 continues to circulate in the world.
  • Tackle development, planning and housing needs to better match supply to demand.
  • Finally deliver the transformation in secondary education, following the outcome of “Pause and Review”, and deliver the transformation in higher education in 2021.

Potential candidates who share our values are invited to apply to join the Partnership and to sign our pledge to the people of Guernsey.

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