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Potential candidates who share our values are invited to sign our pledge to the people of Guernsey.

The Pledge

All candidates in the Guernsey Partnership of Independents pledge to:

  • Act independently with integrity, openness, objectivity and honesty, and be held accountable for the well-being of all Guernsey people
  • Support decisive, effective government and respect the democratic majority
  • Back investment in the Revive and Thrive plan to make our economy resilient with better infrastructure, connectivity and job opportunities
  • Make the protection and support of our people the top priority, and
  • Protect Guernsey’s environment and invest in its ecological future.

How to Apply

Potential candidates who share our values are invited to apply to join the Partnership and to sign our pledge to the people of Guernsey.

If you are interested in joining, please email us to say why you wish to stand and what you believe you can bring to the role of People’s Deputy, together with any personal ideas you have for Guernsey’s future. Please include a CV and any other information that you consider relevant.

We believe that an effective government within a consensus system needs a broad range of people with different skills, interests and political leanings. They will be bound together by a desire to do what is best for Guernsey, a commitment to put in the time and work needed to achieve it, an understanding of principles of governance and an ability to work positively and constructively with all other States members, the civil service and the wider community.

Admission to the Partnership is based on an initial interview with a panel of existing members who will also consult with other members. The decision will be made in good faith and take into consideration criteria which include ability, experience (not necessarily political), commitment, knowledge, and what the person brings to the overall group balance.