”I'm standing as an independent with the Guernsey Partnership.
Candidate photo - Steve Falla

Steve Falla

I have taken a keen interest in local politics during a 40-year career in journalism and communications. Having sold my business, Orchard PR, I am now free to devote my time and energy to serving the island as a States deputy without conflict or distraction. I want to champion measures that will support the island’s economy to help fund an inclusive community that provides everyone living in Guernsey with what they need - from health, care and wellbeing to financial support.

I believe passionately in stakeholder engagement; the States should communicate loud and clear with the people of the island and listen at least as much as it speaks.

I share the desire of The Guernsey Partnership to work collaboratively, collectively and conscientiously, guided by evidence, expertise, experience and my conscience rather than a party line. It is time to stop revisiting issues time and again and for politicians, and all islanders, to treat each other with respect.

I believe I am the right person to join the team that will breathe life into the Revive and Thrive vision for rebooting Guernsey’s economy following the coronavirus pandemic. I am committed to maximising and protecting the potential of Guernsey’s unique environment for its current residents and generations to come.

If elected I will work hard, with energy and enthusiasm, to represent the people of Guernsey.

Declaration of Interests

21 Partnership
3 - 7 October