”I'm standing as an independent with the Guernsey Partnership.
Candidate photo - Shane Langlois

Shane Langlois

St. Pierre du Bois

My background could be summarised as 500 years of farming and crop growing in St Pierre du Bois and Torteval.  After that length of time a short break was probably sensible so, after finishing my secondary education here, I spent 30 years in English cities - first at Bristol University then in London, before returning home. I might have left the fields behind but keeping my feet on the ground was important to me and that is one of the reasons I became an architect. You don’t stray too far from reality when working with the construction industry.

I stood for election originally because I believe politics should be about improving the prosperity, in the widest sense, of islanders through a considered approach to change - not by either embracing or resisting change unthinkingly. This requires taking into account not only social and economic factors but also environmental ones. Simple to say, but of course everybody has a different opinion on the optimum balance. It is what makes politics so controversial as well as so interesting.

During my second term, 2016-20, I was Vice-President of the Committee for Employment & Social Security and a member of the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure. The combination ensured I contributed to a wide range of important policy proposals over the four years - from energy to the funding of long-term care.

If I was elected I would want to pursue one issue in particular that was identified in my 2016 manifesto - a more efficient, equitable and transparent funding system for all our health and care services. Not straightforward, as we found, and only relatively small steps in the right direction were taken but it was a start. Health and care together constitute by far the largest States expenditure on services. Therefore, any process of rationalisation would inevitably impact beneficially on a tax, social security and charges system which is currently too opaque. It hardly needs saying that one of the effects of Covid-19 globally was to underline how important a strong, resilient health and care system can prove to be.

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21 Partnership
3 - 7 October