”I'm standing as an independent with the Guernsey Partnership.
Candidate photo - Nigel Chescoe

Nigel Chescoe

I’m a father of two grown up daughters and husband to my amazing wife. I’m also the owner of Chescoe Limited, Chartered Surveyors, past men’s captain at La Grande Mare golf club and an avid record collector and volunteer in the community.

I spent 10 years as a States of Guernsey Senior Building Control Surveyor before setting up my business in 2014. I’ve worked extremely hard to build trust with all of my clients as well as strengthen relationships with contractors and professional bodies in Guernsey and have become one of their ‘go-to’ surveyors.

I believe my skills in negotiating, business management and knowledge of the island’s built landscape are an excellent combination and make me an ideal candidate. I want to help make sure Guernsey does not become an economic backwater where lack of innovation and progress has left us behind.

I’m excited to be running this year for deputy alongside the Guernsey Partnership of Independents whose desires and aspirations I share. The decision to stand for election has been one I wanted to make for a long time. I could not simply sit and watch from the sidelines when there is so much I am passionate about. The Guernsey Partnership of Independents has pledged to respect majority decisions and move forward and this can only be good for Guernsey. I believe I can make a significant contribution to ensuring Guernsey grows into an even better place to live than it is now.

As a first-time candidate, I’m grateful to be associated with a group of like-minded people who, although remaining independent, are wholly supportive of each other. I believe together we can make, and implement, the right changes to benefit our island and all islanders.

21 Partnership
3 - 7 October