”I'm standing as an independent with the Guernsey Partnership.
Candidate photo - Jonathan Le Tocq

Jonathan Le Tocq


Hailing from an ancient Norman farming family and speaking Guernesiais, I’m as passionate about our island as you can get! I have also benefited from spending part of my life in London and Paris.

Entering the States in 2000, I have served in a variety of capacities — on the Education Council, the Treasury & Resources Department (Deputy Minister), as Home Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and Chief Minister.  In the latter role, my portfolio included responsibility for Guernsey's international affairs especially concerning European matters.

In 2016, I was elected to the Policy & Resources Committee and appointed to the newly-created role of Minister for External Affairs. The ability to converse in French has been useful in forging stronger relationships with our European neighbours especially in the more intense Brexit environment.

Recently I’ve served on the States Assembly & Constitution Committee tasked with delivering our first Island Wide Election. I have graduate and post-graduate qualifications in French, Music, Philosophy and Theology. While living in London I trained in accountancy and worked for the government in tax fraud investigation. Returning to Guernsey I worked for a short time as a civil servant but the greatest part of my working life has been involved in church ministry and the third sector especially in the areas of governance, reform and leadership development.

I have a keen interest in the arts, history and community wellbeing and served on the boards of several charities and non-profit organisations locally and internationally.

If elected I’m keen to see investment in our town and harbour areas to make them better places to work, trade and live in. Our ancestors considered it prudent to invest in such things during times of recovery and we ought to act similarly. I want to continue to fight to defend Guernsey’s autonomy and constitutional rights, to seek the best outcomes for the Bailiwick in both the UK-EU future relationship as well as new trade opportunities afforded with the USA, Commonwealth countries and the rest of the world for local businesses and future start-ups, especially in the financial, digital and creative arenas.

Declaration of Interests

21 Partnership
3 - 7 October