”I'm standing as an independent with the Guernsey Partnership.
Candidate photo - Jane Stephens

Jane Stephens

St. Sampsons

I married a Guernsey man and settled in the north of the island in 1976. We have three children and four grandchildren.

I am a teacher, with a Master’s Degree in Education, advanced qualifications in managing educational change and effective school leadership, and in special needs education. I have worked in many local schools. My voluntary interests have included fostering and adoption and mental health, and disability.

In the Assembly of 2008 to 2012, I served on the Public Accounts Committee, the Housing Committee, the Public Sector Remuneration Committee, the Legislation Select Committee and I was the first Political Disability Champion. I joined the Policy and Resources Committee in 2016.

Important questions for me when making decisions are: - Who does this help? Is there potential for wealth creation? Does it enhance the experience of living in Guernsey? Does it have community support? Does it offer value for money? Is it environmentally acceptable? Does it include people rather than exclude them? Is it attainable within our approved balanced budget? Does it influence how other jurisdictions view us?

Politicians must ask questions and I know that government works best for the community when challenges to proposals are constructive and decision-makers rely on evidence.

I also know that personal political agendas and general negativity sometimes delay progress in making good things happen.

Therefore, I am pleased to be a member of the Guernsey Partnership and, with my associates, pledge to deliver better because, while we will vote as independent members, collectively we will accept the decisions of the assembly.

My priority list for the early successes of the Guernsey Partnership include: delivering a fiscal review with the aim of sustaining people’s personal expectations of living standards (while supporting delivery of services), assessing the impact of the pandemic and confirming the 2021 budget, establishing a settled way forward for education and making a firm decision on funding for care for older people.

If I am elected, my aspiration is simple: I want to contribute to developing social policy in practical ways that help manage C19 and progress recovery.

Declaration of Interests

21 Partnership
3 - 7 October