”I'm standing as an independent with the Guernsey Partnership.
Candidate photo - Gavin St. Pier

Gavin St. Pier

St. Sampsons

I was first elected in 2012 and served for four years as Treasury & Resources Minister before becoming Chief Minister in 2016. I was motivated to go into politics to use my experience in business as a Chartered Accountant to help sort out the States’ finances; the island faced a ‘black hole’ of recurring deficits. Eight years of hard work resulted in a surplus of over £100m in 2019. I never imagined that the funds raised would be fully deployed in a matter of weeks during the Covid-19 crisis because of the need to use substantial public funds to support the local economy.

It has been an enormous privilege and honour to serve as Chief Minister during the last four turbulent years which began with the unexpected result in the UK’s referendum and all the uncertainty which Brexit would bring to Guernsey; it concluded with the Covid-19 pandemic which provided huge challenges for both the community as a whole and its leadership.

The next four years will be challenging but they will also be a period of tremendous opportunity. We must deliver recovery from Covid-19 at the same time as facing other major issues, such as climate change and the changes following the UK leaving the EU. 

If re-elected to the States, I will seek re-election as Chief Minister because I believe passionately that it would be the wrong time for me to step down when the island continues to face huge challenges from both Covid-19 and the post-Brexit UK-EU agreements.  I want to continue to lead in order to ensure that: firstly, we move more quickly than we have in the past and secondly, that we don’t miss the opportunity to make the step changes from which our community could benefit. 

In order to do that, I need you to help me by you giving your support and votes to the Guernsey Partnership’s candidates so that after the election, I have colleagues who are committed to working together, and with me, in the best interests of the island and our community.

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3 - 7 October