Move forward together.
What We'll Do

We will put forward candidates who pledge to respect a democratic majority and work together for Guernsey.

Our Commitments

The candidates and supporters of the Partnership are committed to decisive, effective government, leading the island to prosperity and opportunity, and the well-being of all our people and our environment.

Effective Government

Many people are frustrated with the lack of progress on vital issues and constant flip-flopping. We commit to decisive, swift government and respect for democratic decisions.

  • We are a group of fully independent candidates who share values and are committed to working together.
  • We are not a party in the UK sense: we are independents committed to effective consensus government.
  • We will not constantly revisit old issues or overturn previous decisions without substantial new evidence.
  • We will be accountable to all Guernsey people.

Invest in Revive and Thrive

We will back investment in infrastructure and work to fast-track key projects like the Bridge and the harbour.

  • We will work to raise post-Covid employment to be above 2019 levels by the end 2021. We will overhaul Skills Guernsey and invest in training the local workforce to be responsive to the economy.
  • Our target is to revive the majority of economic activity by 2021 and to create a more resilient, dynamic, vibrant and sustainable economy that supports the Revive and Thrive ambitions (1% above previous levels).
  • We will develop a sustainable tax system which ensures we remain competitive whilst sharing the tax burden fairly and not putting an undue load on the lowest paid members of our island, or squeezing the middle.
  • We will implement a transformation in digital connectivity, modernising existing telecoms.
  • We will deliver a transformation of the public sector, ensuring that it is fit for purpose and the right size for our island.

Support Our People, Improve Our Environment

As the world continues to struggle with the pandemic and its aftermath, we will take all steps necessary to keep Guernsey safe and to maintain our quality of life.

  • We will continue to support those in hardship as a result of Covid-19.
  • We commit to finally resolving the secondary education issue and implementing the agreed way forward by the end of the coming term, and we will also deliver the transformation in higher education without delay.
  • Ecological investment is essential to quality of life, to prosperity, to tourism and to the world at large. We will nurture our environment and biodiversity, support economic diversification and promote the island’s unique qualities to the world.
  • We support only bringing in people to the island that our community can’t provide and to minimise that number by upskilling our local workforce.
  • We will implement a Climate Change Action Plan, supporting our community through the transition to a low carbon economy as quickly as pragmatically possible.
  • We will update our housing assessment with emphasis on brownfield sites, assess the impact of more housing on the north of the island and encourage home ownership through the GHA partial ownership scheme.

Health and Social Care

We will keep Guernsey safe. The pandemic is still raging in the world outside.

  • We will develop a better integrated health and care system.
  • We will deliver the ‘Partnership of Purpose’ to ensure we have the accessible and affordable health services needed by islanders, including restructuring primary (GP) care.
  • We will eliminate the backlogs created by the pandemic