Guernsey Flag

Move forward together.

Thank you, Guernsey for your votes; now we'll get to work.

The Guernsey Partnership of Independents wishes to thank people all across our island for their participation and support in this challenging, historic election. Many of you sought fresh voices, many voted for experienced, capable sitting deputies. Guernsey has a paradoxical desire for change and continuity but clearly you voted for progress through difficult times, you voted to move forward together.

Our successful candidates will be true to their pledge to work with all those elected and lead Guernsey through the current crisis to recovery and onwards to prosperity for the whole island. As the largest group, Guernsey Partnership of Independents is delighted to have been trusted by so many islanders with 10 deputies including five of the top 13 placed. We intend to repay that trust.

We congratulate all successful candidates and commiserate with our colleagues, many who came very close to crossing the finish line. We hope they all stay active in political and community life and find a way to continue to contribute to Guernsey’s future.

The realities of Covid, Brexit and the economy are very pressing. Now, we all need to get to work. Thank you, Guernsey.